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Fall Skin Repair & Resurfacing Specials

Treatment Peel Specials

Our Estheticians will carefully choose the type of treatment peel designed to meet the goals and objectives you desire.  Whether it’s smoothing out acne scars and fine lines or fading last summer’s freckles – we’re here for you.  As always, changing skin is accomplished more successfully with multiple treatments administered in a series and fall is the ideal time to make it happen.

3 Treatment Peels – $266         3 Treatment Peels with LED Light Therapy – $325


Microneedling with Treatment Peels Special

When it comes to making significant change to the skin, look no further than microneedling.  This service forces your own skin to create collagen and elastin, for firming and tightening.  It’s ideal for refining acne scarring as well as improving tautness and  elasticity,  along with other signs of aging.  This service is a personal favorite of the estheticians at Head to Toe!  Done in a series of 3 (administered once a month) we have added in two treatment peels (administered two weeks after the first and second microneedling treatment).  The full series is a highly effective way to change the skin in a very short period of time.

3 Microneedling Treatments and 2 Treatment Peels – $750

3 Microneedling Treatments (without treatment peels) – $595

(specials available for purchase through January 31, 2024)

Glycoala® Peel Special with 2 Microneedling Treatments

$ 1200
  • Glycoala® is a unique cosmetic photodynamic gel that is designed to help reduce and prevent the visible signs of aging. The photodynamic ingredient in GlycoAla is encapsulated in a state-of-the-art nanoparticle delivery system, known as glycospheres, providing enhanced stability, delivery and speed of absorption. The nanoparticles are combined with hyaluronic acid in this advanced, one-of-a-kind skincare gel. Combining hyaluronic acid with the powerful photodynamic ingredient in GlycoAla, along with enhanced delivery due to glycosphere technology, results in impressive visible results. This unique photofacial is designed to help: ·
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of pores
  • Create the appearance of a softer, plumper skin texture and firmness
  • Reduce the appearance of oiliness
  • Create more radiant skin and diminished appearance of fine lines and sun damage
  • All this, with significantly less downtime, side effects, and cost than more aggressive anti-aging treatments.
  • Without Exception, Our Glycoala® Peels change the skin when they're done in a series. For this reason we are offering an unbelievable savings for our Glycoala® Peel Series. Our Series includes 3 Glycoala® Peels (done 1 month apart) with 2 Microneedling Treatments nestled in between the first and second Glycoala® Treatment. The Glycoala® Peel & Microneedling Treatments sold individually cost $1575 - this is a savings of $375. Couple that with extraordinary improvements to your skin and you can't go wrong.
  • Glycoala® Peel Series (3 Glycoala® + 2 Microneedling Treatments) - $1200
  • Individual Glycoala® Peel (available only after a completed series) - $375